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R Group: Unconventional

So the profound question of who is this company, and what they are. Simple. R Group, is focused on taking innovative and unconventional ways to develop unique concepts and products. Our primary focus at the are people, and the foundation of their companies. We believe in the unconventional path, and how to adapt that to business to create true innovation. The best way to predict the future is to create it.

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What We Do

From idea, to concept, to market, to digital transformations. We partner early to cultivate innovation

R Venture Capital

RVC is the venture capital fund of R Group. We partner and focus on companies at the pre-seed and angel investment level allowing us the unquie approach to the way we invest. We invest in the unconventional people at the core of the companies. It’s no longer about a minimum viable product but rather a minimum viable company. Microinvestments range from $50-$50k, check out a few of our portfolio companies below.

Digital Healthcare Transformation

With advanced concepts, and intutive processes. R Group focuses itself on tranceding industries with the concepts of adaptively solving complex problems by utlzing digital technology solutions. The dogmatic principles are to continually challenge the status quo, experiment, and get comfortable with failure.

Developmental Operations

Better know as “DevOps- `DevSecOps” or the Agile development process. Many companies, developers, and start-ups are already utizlzing these concepts without even knowing it. R Group looks to nuture those already current business processes, and SDLCs to rapidly advance concepts and development to market quicker and effectively. Based on Six Sigma principle, Project Management, and the core of DevOps. Bootstrapping, lean and mean all the way.


R Group Research Labs is the where we get to Innovate, cultivate, and collaborate with teams, and people. This is where the magic happens. Transparency with customers, users, investors, and businesses. An open collaboration between all parties to develop the impossible, and change the way we think and impact the world with various technologies for interoperability

Business Strategy

R Group works closely with clients to develop robust corporate and business unit strategies while building alignment across the organization. We provide industry-specific strategy consulting for fundamental strategic challenges such as market assessment, scenario planning, strategic planning process design, and alliance management.

Interoperability as a Service (IaaS)

Consider the concept of a members only club. Expect you do not need a memebership, Just an idea. Dinner with a pitch. Sit down for a dinner at our Supper Clubs and enjoy amazing food, while getting to Interact and discuss with Investors of all levels in a neutral envrioment.

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Find out more out R Group’s Digital Tranformation process, and our innovative angel fund.


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